Every head of dreadlocks is unique

All of my dreadlock work is charged at a rate of $60/hr.  This reflects the scope of training I have invested in, as well as the experience and skill that shines through in my work.
The final cost is dependant on the nature, length and thickness of your hair, the size of dreadlocks you want and the style you choose.
Please get in touch with me for an accurate quote. I will need pictures of your hair, along with a description (or pictures) of what you want to achieve.

All services must be paid for in full ON THE DAY of your appointment.

All clients must arrive with CLEAN and DRY hair. 



My hourly rate includes a free follow up appointment, ideally
4 or so weeks after install **

Below is an ESTIMATE of  the total cost by length.  Final cost varies dependant on hair type and volume.  If you hair is quite thick, or you want very fine dreads, this will take a little longer to create.  Blunted tips also take a little extra time.

To obtain a quote for YOUR hair; please provide clear head and shoulders photos back front side. Also give me an idea of the dread thickness you prefer. Make sure you show me any shaved areas, bangs etc.

Mohawk   - 3 hrs  
Short full head  (minimum 15cm)  - 4 to 6 hrs 
Shoulder length - 6 to 8 hrs  
Shoulder Blade area - 8 to 10 hrs  
Waist Length - 10 hrs -12hrs  $850

**  Follow up appointment is a free revisit
to check over and tighten up your new locks
and fix any lumps/bumps that pop up.
This may take 30min to 2 hours depending on the length of your hair and
how well you have looked after your baby locks 
If you do not take advantage of the included follow up appointment within
6 weeks, the appointment will be charged
at the standard rate of $70/hr.

$60hr minimum 1hr appointment
Maintenance is typically a 2 hour job on mature dreads 
Extensive maintenance  3 hours
Major overhaul (major resectioning and repair work) 3 hours plus 

I work with AAA grade Remy certified human hair extensions.

12" $450 for full head of 60
18" $600 for full head of 60
Price is for extensions only

I also make and install 100% wool dreadlock extensions. 

Extension Installation is $60/hr.

As a ballpark figure, a set of brand new dreads created in shoulder length hair with a full head of human hair extensions installed = 9 to 10hr job in total.

Get in touch for a customised quote on having extensions installed in your existing or brand new locks.